Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beautiful Things....Beautiful Dreams...

My Red Dragon - My Guardian

Some beautful things

My Studio (some day)

I have been trying to get better at taking pictures for my blog and for life in general.  I figure the best way to get better is to practise but what should I photograph?  Then I realised that it doesn’t really matter what I photograph as long as I learn something.

So here are some of my more recent images.  They sort of have a past, present and future theme that I’ve just noticed.  The first is my red dragon that hangs in our living room.  It is approx. 2m wide by 1.5m high.  I have had it about ten years now and I still love it.  I have always looked at it as my guardian and in a way it has been.  Its presence in my life always reminded me of magic and possibility which kept me sane through some pretty tough and crazy times in my life.  The shop I bought it in had huge glass windows and inside there was an upper area that was visible from the street.   My dragon was suspended from the balcony of this upper floor and every time I walked by the shop it always caught my eye, as if calling to me.  At this time in my life I had forsaken all creative endeavours to go travelling, I had not done a drawing, written or built a single thing in years, and now I was feeling that 'gnawing sadness that comes from having a neglected creative spirit.  The dragon called and I could not resist and when I finally had him in my grasp I knew that I had to be a creator, a maker and builder, a crafter or I would never be happy.  With my dragon on my wall to guide me I began a long journey that I am still on today and I have not looked back.  I am afraid this photo does not do him justice.

The second image is of some more beautiful things.  I recently celebrated my birthday and this gorgeous vintage style watch was one of my gifts. (Yay! Hooray for birthday presents!)  The watch came in the lovely tin box and I arranged them as nicely as I could on my favourite green patchwork scarf.  I think the image has turned out not too badly.  When I look at it I think “alright I might be getting somewhere after all”.

The final image is of a little lodge that we came across a few weekends ago.  My better half and I went for a wee drive and a garden centre/ cafe place where we stopped for tea had a variety of different size and style lodges for sale.  When I saw this I immediately thought “That is it! That is my studio!”  At the moment I have a tiny desk in a small corner of our living room as my work space.  I have a dream of one day having my own little studio space arranged with all my bits and pieces.  This lodge is the perfect image of my idea of my little studio – maybe at the far end of our garden so I would have a walk to work but not too far a walk?

Well I hope you like the pictures.  To me they are beautiful things that help me have beautiful dreams.  What beautiful things help you with your dreams?