Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Trees have been replanted!

Moody tree silhouette in time for Halloween!

I'm just putting a quick post in here to let readers know that I have moved my trees from the 365 project to a separate blog.  It makes more sense this way as the previous format didn't quite work and I was having a lot of annoying little issues.  I am still learning as I go so hopefully any changes that I make will only be improvements.  You can still catch up with the trees on this blog as I've put a link on the old page that will bring you straight to it.  There is also a linked page on that blog that will return you to Dragonclover so you don't need to worry about getting lost in the forest!  Thank you to all who have followed me so far and I hope you enjoy all my future posts.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Relax and recharge....

Beautiful lake and mountain views at loch leven

Stones that looked like a Lion at our hotel

I tired to capture the sunlight before it disappered

Hi again.  So, obviously I still haven't quite got this blogging habit right yet.  Still at least this month I have some good pictures.  It has been a long time since my better half and I had a proper holiday, so we took the last weekend in September off and went to stay in Loch Leven a beautiful part of the Scottish countryside.

It was an amazing weekend and I heartily recommend the Scottish countryside as a good place to go when you really want to switch off and relax.  It was quite, the scenery fabulous, the people warm and the food and wine delicious!

The hotel we stayed in was small but everything you would want.  Cheery, friendly and efficient staff, clean rooms with pretty decor - the hotel actually had a great collection of paintings by different artists, and awesome views of the loch.  The second picture is actually an interesting pile of stones that viewed from one side looked like a pile of stones but viewed in the other direction looked exactly like a regal lion chilling catching some rays.